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A standard 'A' class cargo ship. In , Robert S. Dalgliesh is recorded as the vessel's manager. Have found no data about its service thru to WW2.

I read that in , the vessel was transferred to 'Watergate Steam Shipping Co. Dalgliesh or maybe by R. But it clearly must have been earlier - in it would seem.

Also service to S. The vessel carried such varied cargoes as grains, steel, lumber, scrap iron, iron ore, bauxite etc. William Mouat was in command with a crew of 48 including 7 gunners.

It joined convoy SC which had started at New York, a slow convoy of, when complete, 57 vessels. That number may be a little off, the matter is not that simple!

An appalling loss of life - all 49 aboard Ashworth were lost as were 19 aboard Fagersten. The number of lives lost ex Senta seems not to be known.

The WWW record for this ship is quite limited. Can you add to or correct the above? A community on the River Esk, just up river from Whitby.

Rowland was, I read, a tramp ship company that traded worldwide. In , William A. In , William Headlam alone was the manager.

The other voyages were principally U. I read that Patton was later? The vessel may however have joined the convoy later, on Oct. En route to Demerara, Guyana, via Barbados with a general cargo.

The convoy dispersed on Nov. Two further shots, at 7. Described at 10 as 'corrugated'. Perhaps built based on the 'Monitor corrugated design'?

I had asked here if anybody could explain the meaning of those terms as they relate to this vessel. Built for Tyneside Line Ltd.

The vessel needed engine work, done at Barry, Wales, in Mar. Baron 'Siegfried von Forstner' 'Forstner' in command. The next wave smashed it against the side of the ship, crushing twelve men '.

U had sunk, on Feb. U had been hunted, I read, in 7 prolonged depth charge attacks. For his actions, Forstner was awarded the Knight's Cross.

Much of the above text was derived from 'Google snippets', easily misinterpreted. Described at 7 as 'corrugated'.

See here re 'corrugated'. There are no WW2 convoy references for the vessel. Robison in command, a crew of 34 all told. Presumably Newton Beech had thought she was a French battleship.

A distress signal was broadcast, with the vessel's position, but it would seem the signal was not acted upon. A prize crew boarded Newton Beech , recovered the ship's papers but Three days later, on Oct.

I have also read that a bomb was exploded alongside Newton Beech. The other 4 Newton Beech crew members, i.

A coastal village located 3 miles N. I have not read of her service prior to WW2. Atlantic, returning with either grain or sugar. All 4 westbound voyages were, it would appear independent.

She left Liverpool on Oct. Atlantic, NW of Ireland. The crew abandoned ship in 3 lifeboats. However five crew members names were lost, when their boat got separated in the mist.

A strange coincidence if you will, is that an built Sandsend was sunk by a submarine of almost identical number, UC , in WW1. A refrigerated cargo ship with accommodation for 12 passengers.

From 1 [Cairn Line, Cairnesk 3 ], 2 'convoyweb. Am advised there is an image in this Norman Middlemiss volume. Cairn Line, of Newcastle.

In , Sir William J. Noble and Thomas R. Cairns were stated to be the vessel's managers. In Thomas R. Cairns alone was listed as the manager.

Must have been a 'lucky' ship. And sold in to 'Compania de Navegacion Tortuga S. From 1 [Cairn Line, Cairnglen 2 ], 2 'convoyweb.

Cairn Line which served Canada. It would seem that Cairnglen suffered minor damage when it hit an iceberg on Jul.

In calm seas, the vessel ran onto a reef close to Camel Island, ripping plates for almost all of her length. An image at left shows that rescue - but surely what is depicted is not a bosun's chair, is it?

Interestingly, that same long gone site stated that the incident is said to have inspired Winston Churchill's famous wartime Parliamentary address when he referred to 'pulling together to save the country's bacon.

The wreck lies today in 8 metres of water at Your contribution would be most welcome. Per 1 6 wonderful images of the sinking of Streonshalh , 2 Dec.

In , William Headlam alone was recorded as the manager. No WW2 convoy references re the vessel at 'convoyweb. Streonshalh of course sank, at Admiral Graf Spee anchored at neutral Montevideo after that battle.

Highland Chieftain carried the crew of Streonshalh , who had been well treated indeed by Langsdorff, as had all of his many prisoners, back to Britain.

Duncan image of the ship exists - a modest version of it is here. Can you add or correct anything! But beware the data. A mixed up page 'vessel-name' wise, which, as I read it, includes Thomas Ludlow as being master of Manistee , 8 'plimsollshipdata.

She would seem, however, to have been later repaired at Esquimalt, B. Part of what I read is here ex a site most difficult of access.

A few items ex Australian newspapers - i probably in late , the vessel was struck by a bolt of lightning when in the Bay of Biscay.

The vessel visited Auckland, New Zealand, on Oct. In , William P. Thurston was stated to be the vessel's manager. Frequently a straggler it would appear.

One Stanhall life was lost in the sinking. The convoy dispersed on Jan. It returned, repaired, to the Clyde. There are a great many WWW references that state that the date was, instead, Feb.

And that she was rather sunk by U , which also attacked convoy OB Per 1 extensive data, images, names of 25 of the lost , 2 'uboat.

As this page is updated, in late Apl. Forgive me if I invite you to find it for yourself. Built for United British Steamship Co. It was the first motor ship in the Court Line fleet.

The vessel, apparently, was not laid up during the Depression. It would seem, ex Trove, Australia, that the vessel carried a great many cargoes of Australian wheat in the years from thru The vessel was sunk on its 3rd eastbound crossing proceeding independently.

America Los Angeles, Vancouver, Victoria, etc. Alfred Stuart was in command, with a crew of 44 all told, including gunners.

The vessel was proceeding in the S. Atlantic when, at It would seem that most of the crew took to two lifeboats, one bigger than the other.

They were picked up, presumably by the bigger of the two lifeboats. The other boat was never heard from again. I read that the first officer his name?

It would, however, seem to have been effected after Aldington Court had sunk. Is there anything you can add?

Built for Sheaf Steam Shipping Co. Australia, with a cargo of phosphates. A day later, one of her 63 in. Temporary repairs failed after three days.

The vessel was adrift for a total of 14 days while emergency repairs were effected. May have been laid up during the Depression thru late s.

The vessel, however, visited Auckland, New Zealand, 6 times between Sep. Atlantic, also to S. Africa Cape Town, Durban , W.

Africa Freetown , S. There were a bushel more WW2 independent voyages incl. Indian Ocean Bombay, Mombasa.

Not many places it did not go to, except for the Far East! Charlie Enos was, I read , the Captain of the vessel from to Registered at Panama, it would seem.

The vessel arrived at Valencia, Spain, on May 12, to be broken up at the ship breaking facilities of Desguaces Incolesa. Relatively few WWW references to the vessel.

An image accompanied an article in 'The Motor Ship' in , an article in which, I learn, the 'plan' was published. The webmaster will pass along any response to Cynthia.

Per 1 extensive data , 2 'convoyweb. In , Philip E. Haldin was stated to be the vessel's manager, while in Frank W. Saunders was stated to be the manager.

Extensive convoy duties in WW2; 68 convoy references, lots of coastal U. In , the vessel was sold again, to 'Cia. There are relatively few WWW references to the vessel.

A cargo vessel, which had quite a life indeed. She was re-floated on May 19, She was re-floated 3 days later, i. In , William Headlam was stated to be the vessel's manager.

Atlantic crossings the vessel was torpedoed on the 3rd such crossing. Just before midnight on Aug. The attack was at Stakesby , hit in 1 hold, was badly damaged.

A fire forward forced the crew to abandon the ship, in 3 lifeboats, an hour after the attack. While I have not read all the detail, it caused a major blockage, it would seem.

The vessel was however registered at Shoreham. In , Kenneth R. Pelly was stated to be the vessel's manager.

Helen's Roads, River Solent. I read that on Jun. Can anybody explain that reference? It would seem likely that it may well relate to one of the above voyages to France, however the date seems not to jive with the dates of the Seine Bay voyages.

Or could the German guns, at that time, almost reach the coast of England? Routley, Mayoress of Brighton Council. In Lord Hyndley of Meads was stated to be the vessel's manager.

Acquired to carry coal from the NE to the electricity generating station at Brighton, Sussex at Southwick?

An electrical pioneer who had played an important role in the early history of the Brighton electricity undertaking.

With a crew of 16, in convoy CW. Later that day, proceeding along the S. One crew member was killed.

From 1 Ropner , 2 'uboat. The vessel was launched in but laid up, unfinished, for many years due to the Depression. In , the vessel was purchased by Pool Shipping Co.

Registered at West Hartlepool. The vessel was independent on its westbound N. Brendonia was struck when at anchor near Gull Buoy, off Margate, while Alderpool , travelling without lights, was itself preparing to anchor.

Alderpool was in convoy SC in Apl. A laggard in the convoy, it would seem. Atlantic, SW of Reykjavik, Iceland. The ship had to be abandoned. All 39 aboard Alderpool including Tom V.

They were landed at Loch Ewe, Scotland, after Thirlby was itself damaged en route by a torpedo fired by U Almost all of them were from the Tyne or Methil to Southend, with a couple rather to Falmouth.

Proceeding along the S. All of the crew were rescued, likely by MTB. Miramar indicates, incorrectly I believe, that the vessel was sunk on Jul.

It would seem that the wreck is still on the sea bed. The location of the power station at Shoreham. Built for the Brighton Corporation, to carry coal to the Brighton power station.

Sister to Henry Moon. I am advised thanks Don Kindell! And ii on May 17, , the vessel was damaged by German bombing when 5 miles S. It would seem that much of the waters around Denmark were frozen at the time.

She was still stuck in the ice on Mar. The cause of the fire is unknown. Built for 'Hebburn Steamship Co. However, a little later, at 8: There was no loss of life.

Hylton , which had stayed afloat, was scuttled by HMS Venomous at about 2 p. I understand that 'Atlantic Roulette: Per A Delcampe, image, Northleigh , 1 'plimsollshipdata.

If that relationship is incorrect can somebody advise? In , the vessel was sold to Fir Steamship Co.

Note, however, that Miramar refers to 'China Engineers'. Registered at Hong Kong. I presume that the vessel had stopped at Hong Kong en route.

I have not read the co-ordinates. Efforts were made to save the vessel can anybody give us detail? The date of Apl. Eventually declared a constructive total loss.

In fact, it broke in two. It was salvaged over a period of months it would appear. Something happened to the wreck later on, on Nov.

From the text above, you can see that WWW data about the stranding, indeed about the whole ship, is most limited.

I would have expected extensive data about what is, after all, a relatively recent ship wreck. A cargo or tramp ship. Independent to North Russia' by Harry C.

Built for Dulverton Steamship Co. A village in Devon, where the ship's owner is said to have lived as a child. The owner was not named - William J.

Well armed, though that did not later help her. Attempts were made to back the vessel off, without success. The vessel ended up in three pieces.

It seems that the vessel had a complement of So I will not try. I encourage you to read the quite terrifying story of their ordeals see end of listing.

One of the 2 lifeboats was never seen again. As did, I learn, Dr. Clark was one of the other survivors.

It is still there today off South Cape - just bones, of course. The WWW sites are in conflict in the details.

I am sure that there is much more that could be added! What an amazing story! Much of the above text, i. That website is no longer available. The book was originally published, I read, as 'The Fighting Tramps'.

Some text used to be here. But now that is a link to 'The Road to Russia: Arctic Convoys ', per its cover, also by Edwards, which also references Chulmleigh.

There also is a volume named 'The Road to Russia: Arctic Convoys ', by Edwards - have they gone mad! See also link 6 above - 'Arctic Interlude: Independent to North Russia'.

The amazing story may also be covered in 'Goldfinder', written by Keith Jessop. So it may well not relate to Chulmleigh.

Identifying the available images for the two listed Sunderland built vessels named Chulmleigh is most difficult. The second, built in , is here.

I may well have included incorrect images in both listings. Per 1 data , 2 'convoyweb. The later dimensions are different - ft. They mainly carried coal outbound from U.

But by the time this vessel came into service, general tramping had become the norm. Atlantic crossings, service to W. Egton was in what is believed to have been the very first E.

I wonder which ship she ran down? Apparently Pickersgill's had had the foresight to have installed during construction a reinforced steel deck to take the gun mountings.

And notes also the improved crew accommodations the vessel had - but no refrigeration. Thank you, Stephen, for that most interesting data.

The vessel was sold again, in , to Cia. The vessel was scrapped, in Q2 of , at Split, Yugoslavia. Per 1 Tatem , 2 'convoyweb. The second fleet vessel of the name.

Tatem, the firm's founder, had originated in Devon. Registered at Lebanon, probably at Beirut. Can anybody help with more data?

In or , on Sep. Built for Stanhope Steamship Co. I have seen a reference to the vessel being wrecked on May 11, , while en route from Lagos, Nigeria, to Glasgow.

But that would seem to have rather been Stanhill which Miramar advises was 'wrecked 4. Per 1 report re grounding, Chiswick , 1st 2 pages of 'pdf' , 2 'convoyweb.

One of the eastbound N. Atlantic crossings was to N. Africa re ' Operation Torch '. Fast forward a few years. The vessel sailed up the S.

Lipton chose to sail close to shore contrary to the advice of the St. Lawrence pilot was he aboard? Clearly the current, that day, was steadily forcing the vessel towards the coast.

That instruction was countermanded by the Captain. The Captain reset the vessel's course an hour later, to a course described by the Court as 'close-shaving', then left the bridge leaving no instructions.

The vessel stranded at 4: The vessel was floated off with the rising tide at 7: The vessel continued on to Montreal.

No casualties amongst the crew. His certificate was suspended for a 2 year period. In , the vessel was sold to 'Reederei Willy H.

On May 26, , the vessel arrived at the ship breaking facilities of 'J. Per 1 data, Danae at page bottom , 2 data, TID , 3 ref. Built for Ministry of War Transport.

In or , the vessel was sold to 'Ocean Steamship Co. Holt were the vessel's managers. The vessel was moved to Hong Kong for harbour duties there.

But, for interest, they would seem to have in owned a similar tug, TID , then also named Hailey. In or the vessel was sold again to 'Sarawak Steamship', or 'Sarawak Co.

I read that the vessel was deleted from the registers in Can anybody provide any additional information? But WangKee would surely seem to have acquired the vessel in WangKee which company supplied stevedores, provisions, crew etc.

The most 'official' available data, ex registry documents at Singapore thanks to author Harold Cartwright , is at 5. A National Historical Ship.

Was laid up in The tug was sold in or to Stour Salvage Co. But was bought by R. Hall , a private owner, of Maldon, Essex, in Still operating in , it would seem.

Per A e-Bay Pickersgill advert featuring Vindeggen , 1 ref. But the contract was acquired, for 4. The vessel was completed for them as Vindeggen , the 5th fleet vessel of the name.

Was chartered for its first year of operation. A cargo ship, a fruit carrier, presumably refrigerated. A e-Bay image, Naftilos , 1 data , 2 Euxine , 3 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

May have carried a few passengers? Built for 'Euxine Shipping Company Ltd. And in , the vessel was sold to 'Naviera Amazonica Peruana S.

A giant snake it would seem. The name may not have helped any! A Royal Navy patrol frigate. Built for the Royal Navy.

The vessel was laid down as Loch Fionn , have also seen many references to Loch Foin , but completed as Largo Bay , a Bay Class, anti-aircraft frigate.

Named for Largo Bay, Fife, Scotland. Was commissioned on Jan. Saw brief service thru Sep. It would seem that from Feb.

Ward' ship breaking facilities at Inverkeithing, Scotland. It arrived there, to be broken up, on Jul. Somewhere along the way the vessel seems to have become F Can anybody explain that?

Fagans in , honoured for his WW1 services. A horse that he owned, 'Grand Parade', won the Epsom Derby in at odds, just one of his horse racing successes.

The ship was laid up for most of Was one of a group of ships that went to the assistance of Lakonia , a Greek cruise liner, which caught fire on Dec.

Atlantic SW of Portugal. A refrigerated cargo ship. Built for 'Moss Hutchison Line Limited. It would seem that the company had two 'runs' since a ship that called in at Israeli ports could not visit an Arab port.

Memphis , would appear to have served Haifa, Israel, so I presume it was unwelcome accordingly at say Lebanon or Syria.

In , the vessel was sold to 'Sifnonav Shipping Co. Have also seen a reference to 'Grecomar' in a context which suggested that they owned Sifnonav.

Later chartered to The Clarke Steamship Co. John's, Newfoundland, with general cargo, returning via Port Alfred Saguenay River, Quebec , where she discharged a cargo of fluorspar for the Arvida aluminium smelters ex the mines at St.

The vessel was sold again, in Feb. Cronulla came to an unfortunate end. She was a blown ashore at Hong Kong by typhoon Wanda on Sep. However 1 indicates that the vessel was gradually broken up thru where she lay.

Data is quite limited. We thank Kevin Griffin, of the U. Can anybody help with even more data? Per 1 image Agnete Torm , 2 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

The vessel was renamed Agnete Torm in In , the vessel was sold to 'Pindos Shipping Corp. Two later ownership changes without a change of vessel name.

In , the vessel was sold to Timka Shipping Co. They only owned the vessel for a short time. In , the vessel was sold to Ionian Fortune Marine Inc.

There is a reference that I do not fully understand yet - ' [cpl at Helsingor Vft, Elsinore ]. It likely means that the vessel was towed to Elsinore for the installation of its engines.

And a reference ' deleted probably BU Greece 6. And confirm the meaning of some of the data above. Built for 'Booth Steamship Company Limited', i.

A sister ship to Denis. In , 'Booth Line' was sold to the Vestey Group of companies. I think that the above Booth data is correct. The vessel, in , was renamed Basil.

The vessel was fire damaged on Jan. WWW data is most limited. Per 1 Henzee image , 2 Euxine , 3 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

In , the vessel was sold to 'Olga Shipping Co. However, the vessel arrived, on Jul. I wonder what happened to change the arrangements?

Per 1 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access. Sister to Chateau Palmer. In , the vessel was sold to 'Soc.

The vessel was sold again, in , to 'Twelve Islands Shipping Co. WWW data is virtually non-existent.

A cargo ship, strengthened for travel in ice. Built for 'Alfred Falter Shipowner, Inc. Was intended to be chartered to Caltex for 10 years.

Taken over in May Was renamed Willmar in The fire took 2 hours to be extinguished. Above links however indicate that Moundreas were the owners.

In , the vessel was sold to 'Unimax Shipping Panama S. Per 1 2 Denis images , 2 [Booth Line, Denis 2 ], 3 Denis image , 4 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

A sister ship to Dunstan. In , the vessel was sold to 'Vasmanto Shipping Co. The vessel was laid up, at Piraeus, from Apl. Am most confused by what I read re this vessel.

The vessel was laid down as Loch Heilen. Thornycroft of Southampton but I am not sure of that. The vessel served in the Korean War.

Other duties over the years? The frigate was sold, on May 9, , after a refit at Thornycroft? It was deleted, likely means scrapped, on Sep.

Laid down as Loch Kilbirnie. K , ft. Maybe was intended to be Luce Bay? Was launched on Jun. Thornycroft, of Woolston, Southampton. She was transferred there on Mar.

Her build was completed on Apl. Served in Korean War. See 1 for other duties over the years. The vessel was sold on May 9, , after modernisation by John I.

Miramar refer to the vessel being deleted from the lists on Dec. Was sold for demolition on Dec. A collier, which became a sand carrier or dredger.

The vessel was ordered by 'Coastwise Colliers Ltd. France Fenwick and Co. But with the nationalization of the U.

When the generating stations switched from coal to oil, colliers such as Poole Island became redundant. In , it was sold to BlueCircle, with no change of vessel name.

And converted in where I wonder into a sand carrier or dredger, of gross tons. Re-engined to burn oil, with engines by Schps. In , the vessel was sold to Westminster Gravels Ltd.

Break up commenced in Mar. There are very few WWW references to the vessel. Per 1 image, Georgios-G. The vessel attained about 12 knots at her trials.

When the generating stations switched from coal to oil, colliers such as Poole Quay became redundant. To carry bulk cement around the U.

And it would seem that the vessel was then converted to burn oil. In , it was sold to BlueCircle, Wm. The vessel was, I read, abandoned as a total loss.

I have not read the circumstances. The wreck is still there today, it would seem, a dive site though much of the vessel is out of the water.

Built for the British Electricity Authority. The vessel would have shipped coal from the North East to power stations in the S. Can anybody add anything?

Built for Moss Hutchison Line Ltd. It must have been a very short charter indeed since both name changes were in In the vessel was sold to 'Keanav Shipping Co.

In , the vessel was sold to 'Angel Shipping Co. Have also seen i the name 'Metal Scrap Trading Co. Beypore, on the Kerala coast, is quite a long way from Calcutta, however.

A Loch Class frigate, which became a Royal Navy survey ship. The keel was laid down on Nov. It was launched on Sep.

It took a while! Work commenced in Feb. But it would seem that it spent most of its life away from U. The detail is all at 3.

You might enjoy knowing that in late the ship's cat jumped ship. Maybe the food was better there?

Was towed to Zeebrugge, Belgium, to be broken up. The manager later became Stephenson Clarke Shipping Ltd. Would have shipped coal to power stations around the U.

There are many pages re the vessel at that site but I cannot spot an index to them all. The vessel was built for UIM.

It mainly carried coal, but occasionally carried other cargoes such as phosphates, gypsum, or wheat. It may have been beached.

Nobody was hurt in the collision but 10 of the 23 person crew of Anita Dan were taken aboard Capitaine Louis Malbert. On the morning of Dec.

Rosborg was damaged but 'was not in danger'. The vessel sank 6 hours after the collision. Rosborg launched two lifeboats.

Nine of the Capitaine Louis Malbert crew were speedily picked up by Russian trawler Primorsk , which later also picked up 8 crewmen of Rosborg , whose lifeboat had suffered an engine failure while searching for survivors.

All 17 were landed at Copenhagen, Denmark. In the final analysis, 8 Capitaine Louis Malbert crew members, including Captain Huet, lost their lives with 6 only of the bodies being recovered.

Captain Huet, it would seem, stayed with his ship to the very end. Those who were lost succumbed to the freezing sea, though I read that 4 or 5 of the 8 in fact froze to death in a lifeboat.

The wreck would seem to be still on the sea bed today, in about 54 ft. Was there an Inquiry into the collision? Allan Jensen has kindly advised thanks Allan!

Can anybody clarify the vessel's Official Number or otherwise add anything? Per 1 image, Captain J. Donaldson , 2 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

The vessel carried coal from the North East to power stations in the lower Thames River. The vessel arrived at Gothenburg, Sweden, on Oct.

Do you know what later happened to the hulk? WWW available data is most limited. Did it carry any passengers?

In , the vessel, still owned by Lamport, was bare-boat chartered for 2 years to Booth Line, i. Booth Steamship Company Ltd. At the end of the charter, in , the vessel was renamed Rossini.

In , the vessel was chartered to 'Sopac Bulk Carriers Co. In , the vessel was sold to 'Overseas Marines Corp. In , the vessel was sold to Kelsey Bay Shipping Co.

And was broken up in Mar. Wood , 4 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access. Managed, initially at least, by 'Stephenson Clarke Shipping Ltd.

I have not WWW spotted a biography of W. In , the vessel was sold again, to 'Ulster Shipping Co. And in was sold to 'Copernik Shipping Co.

WWW data, other than images, is most limited. Per A Delcampe, image , 1 [data, Framlington Court 3 ], 2 Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access.

There is, as this page is updated, an eBay listing for an image of Framlington Court. As per this reference. Built at a difficult time, apparently, when freight rates dropped severely.

The vessel visited Auckland, New Zealand once only, on Jan. The vessel was sold, in , to 'Jayanti Shipping Co. In , 'Shipping Corp.

China Sea, due to high winds from typhoon 'Nina'. The vessel was sold again, in , to 'Padre Cia. In May , Spyros was en route from Karachi, Pakistan, to Chittagong, Bangladesh, with a cargo of 10, tons of bagged rice.

The vessel suffered 'engine room leaks' when miles E. They must have been major leaks, indeed, because the vessel was abandoned at sea on May 10, The vessel was taken in tow, by Hariet , but sank while under tow, at Hariet rescued also the entire crew of On her 3rd name by the time she was delivered!

Was laid down as Clement for Booth Steamship Co. Austasia was formed by Vestey Bros. In , the vessel was renamed Mahsuri.

In , the vessel was sold to 'Starlight Steamship Co. In , it was sold to 'Minlex Navigation S. We will change the way you communicate.

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